Collabora anche tu
Negli anni l'associazione si è ampliata e aperta a molte iniziative.
In questa prospettiva l'aiuto di tutti è fondamentale.
Ai nostri progetti si può collaborare attraverso una semplice donazione, ma anche attraverso l'aiuto del singolo e delle aziende disposte a fornici un servizio o a donarci i loro prodotti.

  • Every year before Christmas, Cecilia organizes a charity. There is always a market. For this event we seek prizes! Share

  • In the perspective of a self-sustaining of the center we would like to produce fruits and vegetables for our children. We need, in addition to plants and seedlings, even professionals able to point us in the right choice considering the climate and general conditions of the country in which we operate. Share

  • Mosaico has a registered office in Milan, but has no office at its disposal. Most of the activities are carried out at Cecilia’s, Andy’s and Anna’s home. We need an office in Milan, it would be very useful to better organize work, meet partners and sponsors, and introduce young people in our association. Share

  • Some time ago Andreas bought some land where we would like to put the container waiting to be ready for departure. Next to the container we would like to arrange to dispose a shed to dispose of, organize, weigh everything that comes as a gift. There is already a minimal structure that needs to be […]

  • A considerable part of the costs of running the center comes from the consumption of gas and electricity. In Botswana, the sun shines most of the year and we want to take advantage of this natural source of energy to meet our needs. We therefore need solar panels to heat water and photovoltaic panels to […]

  • Every two or three years we ship a container to Botswana that contains materials for the school, clothing, shoes and much more. All the boxes need to be weighed, so we need an industrial scale to facilitate this long and necessary work. Share

  • Like many other organizations, we also offer our supporters to “adopt” our children. In contrast to other non-profit organization, we follow the school and the children personally, know them personally and know their families and their village. We are there, on the spot, with them. We follow the children for the three years they spend […]

  • Every day we go with the school bus to pick up and our children in their village of D’kar, petrol costs a lot in Botswana and a contribution to this indispensable expense would be a great help for us. Share

  • We currently have a bus for 40 people, but every day we have to carry 85 children! We would need a larger one, even used, but in good condition. Share

  • Our children are often malnourished when they arrive at school, we try to do everything possible to feed them well, supplements of vitamins could be of help in our enterprise. Share

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