Italy Team

  • Cecilia Lachat

    Founder and inventor of the project.

  • Manfredi Andreas

    Cecilia’s son, follows the association from its beginning and follows the administration of the Italian association since 2004 despite being involved in all 3 groups.

  • Manuela Manfredi, counselor

    Cecilia’s daughter, involved from the beginning in many initiatives.

  • Marco e Giovanna Zanichelli

    Friends, main sponsor, and especially Paolo’s parents, the spirit and guardian angel of the center, died in a car accident when he was eighteen. It is his joy for life, his energy and his radiant and happy personality that led Cecilia to name the center after him: “Paolo Zanichelli’s Children’s Home”. Share

  • Sergio Fochi & Fiorella Marian

    Respectively treasurer and adviser  of the Italian Association. Sergio is a former banker and very fond of mechanics, with Fiorella he is present since the the constitution of the association, before and during the construction of the center in Botswana. Their logistical support during the annual charity event and their public relations activities for the […]

  • Fabiana Zanmarchi

    Italian non-profit association adviser. Fabiana is the owner and director of I.r.i.s. Srl Martignoni Luino, Varese, and in that area she acts as PR attracting donors! Share

  • Vincenzo Cesarini


  • Marco Cesarini


  • Federico Moranzoni

    Andreas’ childhood friend and employed at Unicredit Bank, he has always helped in organizing logistics for the organization of the charity event and container management. Share

  • Anna Re

    Anna Re graduated in Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures at IULM University, she then earned a Masters in English with an Emphasis on Literature and the Environment at the University of Nevada, Reno (USA) and a PhD in Comparative Literature at IULM. She collaborates with Mosaico dealing with communication, external relations and activities of the secretariat. […]

  • Nancy


  • Valentina Pazzini

    Piero’s sister, she was born in Verucchio. She is an accountant and a director of the Pazzini Printer-Publisher company. For some time now she has devoted her spare time to embroidery. She sells her works and gives all the money she gets to Mosaico Euroafricano. She is married and mother of 2 children Share

  • Antonietta Pazzini

    Cecilia‘s friend, they met in Guinea. She has helped the association since the beginning and visited the school several times. Share

  • Francesco Schino

    He is our WEB MASTER, following us for years with tecnical interventions on our website and constant updates in multiple languages. He also developed our first website that has served us for almost a decade. Share

  • Piero Pazzini

    Valentina’s brother, she was born in Verucchio. Accountant, he is the Chairman of Pazzini Printer-Publisher company. He continued his father’s and grandfather’s business. The 100-year history of the typography are documented by an art museum housed in the printing business.  He is aarried with 3 children, two of whom continue his activities. Share

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