As mentioned in “Cooperating”,  there are many ways to do volunteer work and to be able to help. The first, and perhaps most important is word of mouth. Let us know ! Give our tax code to your friend for 5 x 1000 donation. It seems basic but it helps us a lot! Also give it to your accountant , so that he can also advise its undecided customers. Invite your friends to our annual charity event, or do one of you, become our friends on Facebook and be creative … this way you have done already so much! If you have already done this and you want to get officially part of the volunteers of Mosaico, striving to take charge in a more important volunteer position, we identified some positions. These tasks may vary over time, as well as the workload required. Therefore it can happen sometimes we don’t need help, sometimes the workload is significantly higher. For this reason we try to organize volunteers to groups that organize themselves autonomously shared via email and / or choosing a team leader who coordinates the work.

This is a new and experimental kind of Volunteer who assumes the burden of preparing all the material necessary to be able to participate in an invitation to apply for funding. It starts from a target list of foundations that we deliver to the volunteer, he is also invited to look for grants that may be of interest to the Association. We identified three favorites and the volunteer starts with the first one. The work needs close cooperation with our office and in any case must obtain approval of the Board of Directors.
For more information or to collaborate please contact us at the following email address:

In particular, the association looks for translators for the translation of our letters, the letters of Distance Adoptions where necessary, updates to the website, blog and much more. Translator: Italian -> English Translator: Italian -> German Translation: English -> German
For more information or to collaborate please contact at the following email address:

We’re trying to put together two teams, one in Milan and one in the area of Varese to collect and delivery of goods for the Christmas  party and the container. We already have a couple of volunteers covering the Varese area but we don’t have volunteers in Milan. In any case we would  like to find volunteers for withdrawals to be put on the list for the future.
For more information or to collaborate please contact us at the following email address:

We’re trying to put together a team of 5/10 people, willing to work for a couple of weekends to  clean and fence the land acquired in Cocquio Trevisago (Varese) for the management of the container.  We must fix a ruin of about 19 mx 8, stacked like deposit which will be ideally used to sort boxes that are sent to Botswana. The deposit needs fixtures, a layer of catramina on the roof to make it waterproof, painting, electrical connection, and more. So a settled new!
For more information or to collaborate please contact us at the following email address:

It will start if we manage to open the new headquarters in Milan.