There are several ways to support us! These range from the occasional donation in money to “Distance Adoption”, a more consistent and long-lasting donation; the donation of goods and/or services, to the donation of your time, engaging in fundraising and/or organization an event and still office volunteering or just helping in the collection of donated goods to the container!
In ten years of activity we have succeeded in the creation of “Paolo’s” center and the “Women Project”, and in the daily management of children, only thanks to the thousands of small donations and many volunteer hours donated by sewing blankets, sorting materials in boxes for the container, collecting prizes for the raffle or goods for the container, printing stamping, making phone calls, organizing events and much more!
Each one of us has different capacities to contribute, whether he is a private, a company or a foundation, we have identified segments of volunteer and / or sponsor and / or support that in some way should allow everyone to be involved if interested. Therefore I ask you to consider us for what we do and above all, to give a look to the “Events” section to see what you can do with a bit of determination contact us at the following email address : to start your cooperation!