Many of our children are Bushmen or San, ethnic group, which is one of the oldest branches of the evolution of modern man, having been genetically isolated for a time estimated to be around 100,000 years. Although it was shown to be present in their territory from at least 20,000 years, there are much older skeletal remains compatible with this population dating back to 100,000 years ago, the so-called people of the strandlopers of the coastal region of Namibia. in Afrikaans means “beach walker”, in reference to the lifestyle of this ancient people who lived collecting shells and other organisms along the coast. The interesting thing about these skeletons is the theoretical relationship between the weight of the brain and body, superior to any other Homo sapiens existed from the past to the present: the strandlopers had a cranial capacity 30% higher than that of modern man, on the body of a pygmy. With these great skulls they are supposed to have an extraordinary intelligence and in fact really clever small fish traps have been found among the finds, you also have the first evidence of ritual burials. Another factor of interest is their lifestyle exclusively linked to the sea that distinguished them from other more archaic Homo sapiens.
The San have special physical features: they are small in stature with yellowish-brown skin and have similar traits to those of the Orientals with almond eyes and high cheekbones.