Your will can give a new value to your life, it is a gesture that will last forever. The will is a free and simple deed. A guarantee that your present commitment will continue over time. With a will, you can leave a sum of money or an asset, even a small one, for a cause you care about, with the freedom to change your will at any time, with total respect for your family and your heirs. Your legacy to Mosaico Euroafricano can help secure help and a future for our children and our school. Making a bequest to Mosaico does not necessarily mean donating your entire assets. You can decide to leave even just a small part of your assets.

What you can leave

  • money, shares, investment securities
  • a movable asset, such as a work of art, a jewel or even a piece of furniture, or an immovable asset, such as an apartment
  • your life insurance policy, indicating MEA as a beneficiary

Legitimate succession and available share

The persons in favor of whom the law reserves a share of the inheritance are the spouse, descendants and ascendants. There is always a part of the inheritance (so-called available quota) that the testator can freely dispose of by identifying subjects other than the heirs as beneficiaries, such as non-profit organisations.